10/04-2009 Subaru engine arrived from storage area.
23/06-2009 The workshop is ready for storing the kit
30/06-2009 Kit being off-loaded
14/07-2009 Rear spar horisontal stabilizer.
18/07-2009 Rear spar brackets - horisontal stabilizer.
19/07-2009 Forward spar horisontal stabilizer
22/07-2009 Forward spar horisontal stabilizer
23/07-2009 Ribs horisontal stabilizer
24/07-2009 Ribs horisontal stabilizer.
26/07-2009 Frame horisontal stabiliser.
03/08-2009 Skin horisontal stabilizer.
04/08-2009 Match drill ribs/skin on horisontal stabilizer
05/08-2009 Disassamble the horisontal stabilizer.
10/08-2009 Dimple skin to frame on horisontal stabilizer
16/08-2009 Dimple horisontal stabilizer parts
25/08-2009 Rivetting rear spar and brackets.
26/08-2009 Rivet brackets/spar. Bolt on bracket.
27/08-2009 Rivet frame of the horisontal stabilizer.
30/08-2009 Cleco skin to frame - and take apart again.
31/08-2009 Matchdrill skin. Start prepare vert. stab.
01/09-2009 Grind and dimple frame vertical stabilizer.
02/09-2009 Vertical stabilizer frame parts primed
10/09-2009 Rivet skin to frame on horisontal stabilizer.
11/09-2009 Rivets frame to skin horisontal stabilizer.
13/09-2009 Rivets and dwg ribs to skin horisontal stab
14/09-2009 Rivetting skin to frame
15/09-2009 Riveting skin to frame horisontal stabilizer
16/09-2009 Horisontal Stabilizer READY FOR INSPECTION
21/09-2009 Dimpling ribs for Vertical Stabilizer
22/09-2009 Rivetting rear spar Vertical Stabilizer
25/09-2009 Rivet skin to ribs on Vertical Stabilizer
02/10-2009 Vertical Stabilizer READY for INSPECTION
04/10-2009 Preparation of RUDDER
05/10-2009 Prepare first stiffener for rudder
06/10-2009 Prepare remaining stiffeners for rudder.
07/10-2009 Preparation of stiffeners for rudder
09/10-2009 Match drilling stiffeners to rudder skin.
10/10-2009 Remove protection and prime rudder skin
11/10-2009 Dimple skin and stiffener for rudder.
12/10-2009 Rivet stiffeners to rudder skin
13/10-2009 Prepare spar for rudder.
14/10-2009 Preassemble lower spar rudder parts.
15/10-2009 Desass. engine - Preassamble rudder frame
16/10-2009 Preassemble rudder parts.
17/10-2009 Engine taken apart for inspection.
18/10-2009 Preinstall skin on rudder frame.
20/10-2009 Preassemble rudder parts (lower)
22/10-2009 Match drill skin to rudder frame.
23/10-2009 Friend visiting my construction site (work)
24/10-2009 Countersink and dimple rudder rib and vedge.
25/10-2009 Dimple rudder skin.
02/11-2009 Cleaning surfaces of rudder parts for priming

03/11-2009 Rudder parts primed - used ventilation box.
04/11-2009 Rivetting rudder frame parts.
05/11-2009 Rivetting rudder parts - install counter weight
06/11-2009 Rivetting rudder skin to rib.
13/11-2009 Lay-up frame for right elevator
16/11-2009 Cutting stiffeners for right elevator
17/11-2009 Shaping stiffeners for right elevator
18/11-2009 Match drill stiffeners right elevator.Dimple
20/11-2009 Trimming stiffeners for left elevator.
30/11-2009 Inspection date - and bent firewall
01/12-2009 Rivetting rear main spar horisontal stabilizer
02/12-2009 More rivetting Horisontal Stabilizer
03/12-2009 Holding the hor. stab. on the fuselage.
04/12-2009 Final rivetting vertical stabilizer
05/12-2009 Final rivetting vertical stabilizer
29/12-2009 Bonding the trailing edge of the Rudder
06/01-2010 Rivetting the frame onto the rudder skin
07/01-2010 Rivetting the trailing edge; little by little
17/01-2010 Rolling the leading edge of the Rudder
22/01-2010 ........./a>
03/02-2010 .........
05/02-2010 Back rivetting skin right elevator
07/02-2010 Spar and reinforcement right elevator
08/02-2010 Preassemble tip-parts right elevator
09/02-2010 Preass. and match drill substructure r-elev
10/02-2010 Cleco and match drill skin to frame
15/02-2010 Priming and rivetting Right Elevator
16/02-2010 Rivet right elevator substructure
17/02-2010 Rivet substructure and mate skin
18/02-2010 Final rivetting Right Elevator
22/02-2010 .........
16/03-2010 Left elevator preassemble
17/03-2010 Left elevator preassemble and match drill
19/03-2010 Left elevator preassemble and match drill
20/03-2010 Left elevator disassemble and deburr
21/03-2010 Left rudder prime and dimple
28/03-2010 Trim flap preparation
29/03-2010 Back riveting stiffeners to left elevator skin
07/04-2010 Matching frame to skin left elevator
14/04-2010 Match drill trim flap to elevator
15/04-2010 Fit hinge to trim and elevator (left)
17/04-2010 Rivet trim to left elevator
17/04-2010 ........
29/04-2010 Align and final rivet flap to elevator
30/04-2010 Mounting elevator to horisontal stabilizer
10/05-2010 WINGS-Mark and drill push rod for aileron
11/05-2010 Rudder and vertical stab completed
13/05-2010 Push rod aileron
19/05-2010 Push rod aileron
20/05-2010 Push rod aileron
24/05-2010 Match drill brackets through bearing
27/05-2010 Brackets prepared for aileron fixing to wings
31/05-2010 Brackets for aileron
01/06-2010 Brackets -----"-----
04/06-2010 Brackets -----"-----
08/06-2010 Brackets -----"-----
09/06-2010 Brackets -----"-----
10/06-2010 Rivet brackets for aileron on left wing
17/06-2010 Trial fit of the left aileron to the brackets.
29/06-2010 Match drill and prepare Aileron Gap Fairing -Left
30/06-2010 Priming aileron fairing and structure behind.
01/07-2010 Aileron Gap Fairing installed and riveted right and left.
05/07-2010 Flap fairing natch drill
08/07-2010 Conter sink and prime flap fairing
09/07-2010 Mounting flap fairing.
10/07-2010 Match piano hinge to flap and wing.
11/07-2010 Flaps installed on wings.
15/07-2010 Installing the sticks.
19/07-2010 Preparation and insatllation of push-rods.
20/07-2010 Preparation of 1½" push-rod.
21/07-2010 Desassamble and reassamble push-rod.
22/07-2010 Finish push-rod. Prepare bell-crank for elevator push-rods.
23/07-2010 Assemble and install bell-crank F-635.
27/07-2010 Finding parts and start prep of rudder/brake pedals.
28/07-2010 Building brake-pedals
29/07-2010 Assemble braking pedals.
02/08-2010 Various fuselage front parts pre installed.
04/08-2010 Rudder pedal arrangement and skin parts temporary fitted.
05/08-2010 Marking and drilling holes for pedal arrangement.
06/08-2010 Pre-Fitting console F6118 for pedal arrangement.
10/08-2010 Reinforcement for instrument panel preparation.
11/08-2010 Match drill angle brace to instrument panel .
12/08-2010 Matching instrument panel to the fuselage.
14/08-2010 Preparing seat back.
15/08-2010 preparing fixture for seat back.
16/08-2010 Temp fixing fixture to seat back.
17/08-2010 Match drilling the hinge to the seat back base.
19/08-2010 Taking the rudder apart.
30/08-2010 Dimpling and match drill rudder skin. Right and left.
31/08-2010 Stiffeners rivet to rudder skin
01/09-2010 Assemble the rudder
02/09-2010 Rivetting skin to structure
06/09-2010 Rolled the leading edge of rudder
08/09-2010 Rivetting the trailing edge of the rudder
09/09-2010 Rolling leading edge of rudder
10/09-2010 Inserting clecoes in leading edge of rudder
12/09-2010 Fitting the fiber glass fairing on top and bottom of rudder.
13/09-2010 Install servo bracket for auto pilot pitch.






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